A Hotel with a Tradition of Comfort and Luxury

It’s no secret that the sounds of Industry are all around the Beckham; from the Mineola factory and feed mills, the dominant call of the incoming train cars whistle along, clacking over the metal tracks, along with laughter and conversations as people stroll in and out of the shops in the downtown square.

We at the Beckham are proud of those soothing sounds of industry. You see, the Beckham has been around for a hundred and thirty years; industry has changed its look and sound, but the people haven’t changed. These sounds remind us of our heritage as a railroad hotel.

We’re still the same elegant, jazzy and classy hotel that is reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. This feeling of comfort, luxury and pizzazz made the Jazz Age so intriguing!  We’ve still got that kind, neighborly desire for the visitor to have the experience of a lifetime that was so prevalent back in the “Good Ol’ Days”. With our warmest welcome we invite you to climb aboard and come see us here…we’ll be waitin’ by the station!

The Beckham: the feel of the old– the conveniences of the new. 24/7.

The Beckham Ballroom

The Beckham Ballroom is a beautifully grand, ornate venue for all types of events. Historically accurate antique chandeliers dance elegantly from the high ceilings as their tiers of crystal sparkle. Massive windows and mirrors line the walls of the historic room. Golden chairs and glass tables shine under the brilliance of the light, reflecting off dark burnished wood. Now available for anything from luncheons, parties, weddings, receptions, dances, to even sports parties, the ballroom seems to have jumped, mesmerizingly beautiful, straight out of a novel!

At The Beckham

In addition to the historic Beckham Hotel and Ballroom, the hotel’s property is also home to other exceptional businesses and amenities!

A tall, wooden counter complete with golden bars to lean on. Antique, scrolled couches and a cozy nook to sit back on as you catch up with friends and family. A huge, wooden-framed mirror reflecting laughing customers. With the look of a cliché Old West, railroad-town saloon and the feel of a place where everybody knows your name, the Beckham Ironhorse is a tradition of friends, music, and fun.

Lit by the quiet, glowing light of a scarlet lamp, the cigar bar is an amazing place to sit in absolute quiet, smoke the Beckham Hotel’s premium hand-rolled stock of brand-name cigars, and get away from the modern rat race.

A cool, quiet atmosphere permeates the meeting space of the brand-new Liberty Lounge. Built expressly for the purpose of being the perfect conference room, the Liberty Lounge features plush leather seating for 18 centered around a large, antique dark wooden table, glass prism chandelier, and relaxing natural light.

Catering and private patio seating are also available at this classy location! Set in the quiet back rooms of the hotel’s first floor, the Liberty Lounge is the perfect place to book for your meeting and conference needs!