The Macabre History of the Beckham Hotel

The Beckham Hotel is listed as one of the more haunted places in Texas and it is said that some of the guests that have stayed here, never truly left.

The first legend is of a woman named Elizabeth who, heartbroken, died as a result of falling down the hotel staircase…after being left at the altar. Some even wonder if it was an accident. She is believed to appear on Mondays at 3:00 a.m. in her white flowing wedding dress with her head lying to one side as if with a broken neck.

The second spirit seen is that of a 10-year old girl peering into the restaurant windows. When people step outside to investigate, she is no longer there. She is known to be a trickster and is also seen peeking out of the hotel windows at night.

A third spirit is said to be the ghost of an unknown gambler wandering along the third-floor hallway. He could be the man who committed suicide in the lobby in the 1940’s by shooting himself in the head – there are still what appear to be blood stains in the floor where the booths once stood. Or it could be a man who was killed during a poker game gone wrong in the 1930s.

The last ghost is that of a man named J.B. Christie who, in 1944, was killed in the back alley behind the Beckham Hotel restaurant. J.B. claimed that Litrisse Jackson, who worked in the restaurant inside the Beckham, owed him $50 for a car. There was a fight when the two men met in the alley behind the Beckham; when it was over J.B Christie was dead. His throat had been cut from ear to ear with a kitchen knife. It is said that the ghost of J.B. Christie is seen wandering out of the back door of the Beckham with his wound prominently displayed on his neck.